CPP canvas

CPP canvas

CPP canvas

Cal Poly Pomona is one of the top public universities in the country. An inclusive polytechnic university, they cultivate success through practical, theoretical, and innovative approaches. Many graduates are finding success in the professional world.

Faculty from all disciplines put theory into practise by giving students opportunities to apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, as well as internships and learning programmes.

We will provide step-by-step instructions for using this website. CPP that teaches you how to access emails, Mycpp, BroncoDirect, online training, university policies courses, marks due dates, and academic calendar, among other things.

How to Open the CPP Canvas Portal

1. Type in https://www.cpp.edu/.

2. Scroll down and

3. select Current Students

4. Then, to access CPP, click Canvas.

Steps for logging into a CPP canvas account

Here are the steps for logging into the CPP canvas.

  • Go to the CPP website and
  • enter your login ID and password

How to Reset the Canvas Password on CPP

To reset the password, simply follow these simple steps.

Please go through this article so that you can reset the password.

Cpp student services

• Career centre

• Poly transfer

• Student support

• Orientation services and more are available in CPP

How to Submit an Assignment Using Canvas CPP

There are several submission types available in CPP Canvas for online assignments. Instructors can specify the type of online submissions you must use. If your instructor allows it, you may also be able to resubmit assignments.

1 Navigate to your Canvas Dashboard.

2. In terms of course navigation. The most important task

3. To view an assignment, tap its name.

4. To turn in an assignment Select the Start Assignment option.

5. Choose a Submission Type

6. To submit an annotated document, click the Student Annotation tab at the top of the page.

7. Click the File Upload top 8 button. Top Assignment Submission

9. Examine Submission

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Canvas Faculty Resources

  1. Canvas Login
  2. CPP Canvas Support
  3. LinkedIn Learning, Canvas Learning
  4. Table of Contents for the Canvas Instructor Guide

Resources for Faculty.

1. The canvas

2. Academic Activities

3. Academic Affairs

4. The Academic Senate

5. University Regulations

Colleges include the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture, the College of Business Administration, the College of Education and Integrative Studies, the College of Engineering, the College of Environmental Design, The Collins College of Hospitality Management, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, the College of Professional and Global Education, and the College of Science.

Learning and teaching

  • Academic Courses
  • Resources for advising
  • Center for Disabilities.
  • The Center for Faculty Excellence Advancement (CAFE).
  • Center for Learning Resources
  • Timetable of Classes
  • Catalog of the University
  • Center for Testing.
  • The Registrar’s Office
  • The Academic Calendar
  • Bronco Counseling Center

Work Life

  • On-campus child care is available.
  • Compliance and diversity.
  • Ombudsman for the University
  • Take a leave of absence.
  • Title lX
  • Undocumented Community Information
  • Observances of Holidays
  • Management of Emergencies.

I hope this article helps you log in and navigate to the CPP Canvas portal.

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