LETYSHOPS is a fast growing international shopping platform for online purchases, as well as the best online app for cashbacks and rewards.

LETYSHOPS is completely safe to purchase any product in this app, and we can easily earn rewards.


LETYSHOPS We can earn cash back on every order we place using this app. We can earn cashback by shopping at the most popular websites. Please read the entire article before proceeding and earning cash back by following the steps.


One of the most popular rewards apps is LETYSHOPS. Because it provided a plethora of well known websites for earning cashback. The app is also available in Android and iOS versions. The user interface of the app is extremely user-friendly, and anyone can enjoy it. We don’t need to use a coupon to get the cashback. One thing to keep in mind is that we must use the same mobile number that we used to register with LETYSHOPS to login. The cashback is calculated on the total order amount across all products.

Letyshops india

We can shop 50+ websites in the LETYSHOPS App, which we do on a daily basis. which almost covers clothing, electric, electronic device, gadget, Audio related, health care, beauty, cakes, Ayurvedic products, and other items

Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, Snapdeal, makemytrip, Lenovo, and Oneplus are among the most popular websites.

How to earn money from flipkart

Flipkart cashback App

The LETYSHOPS app offers a minimum of 3% instant cashback on orders placed through the app with a minimum order value of 50INR. Following installation, we must review the app’s terms and conditions. Cashback is only given after the return period has ended. Using our UPI ID, we can directly transfer the cashback to our bank account. There is no minimum cashout requirement. The LETYSHOPS app has over one million downloads, one million reviews, and a rating of 3.5 stars.

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How to Download LETYSHOPS app

I’ll walk you through the process of placing and ordering through the LETYSHOPS app.

• Install the app by following the link.

• After installing the app, open it and enter your Email and Password to register.

•You will be directed to the screen shown below.

• In the search bar, type the name of the website you’re looking for, or scroll down the page.

• Select Flipkart or another website from which to shop. And then click GO TO STORE. You will be redirected to the website. It is simple to purchase any product and earn rewards.

• Insert the item into your shopping cart.

• Decide on an address.

• Make the payment you prefer in order to place the order.

Following the successful completion of the order and payment. You’ll receive a notification with your earnings from that order.

Flipkart cashback app

You can also check the cashback confirmation and cashback status in the app by following the steps below.

When you open the LETYSHOPS app.

• Flipkart (up to 10.5% cashback) is a partner of LETYSHOPS.

• Amazon IN (cashback up to 20.0%)

• Myntra (cashback up to 13.5%)

Ajio (up to 4.0% cashback)

• H&M (up to 6.0% cashback)

• Realme IN (1.2% cashback)

• 1mg (up to 2.45% off)

• Makemytrip (Upto 50.0rs cashbak)

• Netmeds (2.1% cashback)

• Snapdeal (9.5% cashback)

• OnePlus (3.0% cashback)

• Apple IN (1.0% cashback)

• Fitspire (23.35% cashback)

• JOCKEY (up to 5.0% cashback)

• Lenskart (3.5% cashback)

• fastrack (7.0% cashback)

• Hamleys (2.45% cashback)

• Lenovo (up to 3.5% off)

• Ixigo, and many others…


LETYSHOPS can also be used to make money in other ways. For each referral, you can earn 70 INR. After they make their first purchase in the app, the amount will be credited to their account.

The ordering process is the same; here, we use the LETYSHOPS app, and everything else is the same.

When the approval is complete, you can withdraw the entire amount to your bank account right away.

Myntra: On Myntra, the app provides 13.5% cashback. Myntra only offers 13.5% to new clients and 6.75% to existing clients. There is no purchase minimum. Furthermore, the cashback does not apply when purchasing gift cards.

Ajio: The LETYSHOPS app provides 4.0% cashback on Ajio purchases. The maximum cashback for a transaction is the same as it is on myntra. Furthermore, the cashback is not applicable when purchasing gift cards or jewellery. When using the shop’s mobile app, cashback is not credited.

LETYSHOPS provides 20% cashback on Amazon IN. Rewards include Apparel, Beauty, and Jewelry. 10% off baby, health, and personal care products. 2.0% on all mobile devices (One per user!). 6.0% Off Amazon Prepaid Recharges, Electricity Bills, Broadband Bills, Gas Bills, and Insurance Premium Payments 0% Off APPLE Products, Samsung M-Series, and Redmi Note Series

Realme – LETYSHOPS is giving a cashback of 1.2% on all transactions with a minimum purchase of 30,000rs.

Lenovo: For Lenovo orders, 3.5% if the cart value exceeds 29,999 INR and 2.0% if the cart value is less than 29,999 INR.

H&M IN – 6.0% Cashback has been quadrupled and is only valid for one order. The maximum cashback is Rs. 200.00.

LETYSHOPS provides 9.5% cashback on Snapdeal. Books and Online Education receive a 9.5% discount for new users. 5.95% of the total is made up of World/Indian Food, Sexual Wellness, Personal Care & Grooming. Women’s Footwear,Ethnic Wear,Clothing,Accessories,Watches,Toys, and Musical Instruments are discounted by 5.25%. 4.9% on books for older users and online education. 3.85% off TVs, Audio/Video, Smart Devices, Office Equipment & Supplies, Movies & Music 2.45% off non-electrical and electronic accessories for older users. Cashback for Snapdeal orders may take up to 5 days to appear in your account with a “Pending” status in SANPDEAL.

Fitspire provides 23.35% cashback on their products.


This article will helps you in earning some cashback by using this app. There are so many cashback applications available, and this is one of them.

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